I’m following Suzie’s lead for today. Click here to read her post.

Romans 1_8 Thankful Life image

Today is a fun day of this 21-day adventure of thank you with Suzie Eller.

She challenged us to post a thank you and tag a friend to encourage them and ourselves. Click through to her post to read and accept the challenge.

Name one thing are you thankful for, right now, today. I chose to make an image with mine for all of you. I tag all of my Trinity Digital Ministry tribe for this challenge. I challenge you all to do the same. Suzie’s post explains what to do. It’s easy peasy. Just do it! <=== [Is my favorite quote by the way. Remember it. I’ll ask you about it later. Just for fun!]

As the scripture says, I thank Yahweh through Jesus Christ for all of you.

Now, it’s your turn. Just do it!