2Corinthians 12_10 imageWhere does our strength come from in times of our own weakness?

Today, we will focus on “the conversation”. What is our conversation surrounding our weakness and strength?

In Suzie’s devotional post, she shares a story of a man and his wife who came to America to start over. If you wish to, go and read about him and his wife. He came to America because his country’s religion made it illegal to be a Christian. It’s a compelling story.

Suzie’s challenge is to talk about our rescue from an unsaved life, from hardship, from whatever was torturing us.

This is a tough area for me. I’m going to be very vulnerable here. In the comments, conversations, from you to me, no haters. This is part of my healing process. Yahweh is my rescuer and redeemer. Nobody but Him.

As an adolescent, I experienced abuse. (I’ll spare the exact details.) When we made visits to family that was believers I’d crave that relationship of fellowship with them. I looked for ways of escape. Escaping the abusive environment. I was told by many that I had an “old soul”. I didn’t know what that meant until many many years later. It simply means, being wise beyond your years, able to see the big picture and act with empathy and compassion. The only way that’s possible, in my opinion, is having the Holy Spirit living within you. Wisdom is from Yahweh.

That being said; I felt the pull of Yahweh at a young age. I didn’t understand and was confused by it. Once I was saved (I’m not totally certain what age I was saved at this point.) with intention, I read The Word and attended church, and got baptized. That became my escape. However, the unbelievers around me started to make fun of me and pick on me. As a kid, I didn’t have anywhere to run, but to Yahweh and my church fellowship.

I graduated high school. Not long after that, I moved out of my parent’s house. Finally, I could start a new life. And boy did I ever. Marriage and a baby. I had a very rough pregnancy. After her birth, I had severe postpartum depression that lasted nearly 4 years. The only true memories I have of those years are memories of pictures I took. I got help finally when my daughter was 3.5 yrs old. I made some new friends and we found a new church to attend together. They were new to my area.

I still experienced and struggled with emotional abuse until my daughter was 14 yrs old. It was at that point I broke free and desperately sought to start a new life. It’s been a long hard road. I’m still in the healing process. Do we ever have full healing? Yahweh rescued me from the life of torment. He’s now working on rebuilding me. He’s given me the Trinity Digital Ministry to help others be rescued and redeemed. It’s a process.

Along the way, I’ve thanked Yahweh for rescuing me. I’ve forgiven all around, even myself. I’m grateful for His saving grace. He is my strength when I’m weak. When I’m struggling to get through a day, He carries me through it. He uses me.

Quoted from Suzie’s blog post:
Day #7 of Living a Life of Thank You

Q: Paul describes the hard places in his life. Share yours. Don’t be afraid to be honest about it.

Q: Paul said in 2 Corinthians 12:10, “For when I am weak, I am strong.” What does that mean to you personally?

  • On page 131 of Come With Me, it reads: Gratitude is one of the easiest and most profound ways to give. That’s why we verbalize the blessings, not just on a busy day when we are juggling and nothing is going right, but when the stakes are higher. Saying the words out loud are a kiss on Jesus’ cheek.

  • Will you do that right now? Will you stop and thank God for rescuing you? For redeeming you. Don’t tie it in to your current circumstances, or what you hope he’ll do, but for what he’s already done for you.

Now, it’s your turn. Wherever you share your rescued and redeemed story, please let me know so I can come and encourage you in your faith and thankfulness to Yahweh.