Proverbs 12_18 imageOh No He Didn’t! He did. He just cut me down. WoW! That was mean and hurtful; is the words I heard someone say.

We often do this with our words. I like what Suzie mentioned in her post:

What is on the inside of us spills out onto the people closest.

How do you express your love language? What would you hear if you listened to yourself?

Suzie said: “On Day #8 of Living a Life of Thank You, we are going to tune into our own words. If we want our conversations to reflect a thankful heart, we need to know what we are really saying. If that’s not what you want it to be, it’s worth the effort to listen to yourself, and that creates an opportunity for growth and transformation.”

So, for the next 24 hrs, listen to yourself. Write down what you hear yourself say to those around you. The good and bad. Allow for some heart work and growth. I’ll be doing this also. Today is part 1. We’re going to break this down so we can work it out.

We’re learning to change the conversation to be healed and to offer healing to others.

I’ll be looking for your responses in the following post(s).