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How’s this 21-day adventure affecting you? Assuming you’re participating in it.

I see it changing me to some degree.

Are you content where you are? If not, why? What roadblocks are in the way?

I’m similar to Suzie in this way:

My problem used to be that I forgot to look for the good tucked in the hard places.

In life, I tend to get distracted and mired in petty stuff. It gets in the way of my spiritual growth. Sometimes, I need a reminder to blow away the roadblocks to my contentedness. So do you! Admit it.

[Disclaimer up front: I’m about to mention something about fasting. I, in no way, am suggesting you fast. That’s up to you to decide when and where, if ever.]

I have some friends who fasted from things in their life that were causing roadblocks to their spiritual growth. One major area is social media. If you spend any time at all there you would agree that there is a lot of negativity there. It has the power to affect us and drag us down. It permeates every part of our life. If nothing is done about it; boom we turn into a heap of mess. After fasting and removing the roadblocks they began to see a change in a positive way. They made some strong decisions to heavily moderate what caused the roadblocks to begin with. That made a massive different in their life. It can in everyone’s lives as well. We’re all not immune to strongholds.

This week’s focus is going to be about blowing away roadblocks that get in the way of living a life of thank you.

Along the way, we’ll blow away roadblocks that will allow contentedness.

There’s a secret. Do you know it?

It’s about tapping into the source.

The secret to contentment is not our situation; it is our Source. – Suzie Eller

I’m inviting you to ask The Holy Spirit to show you any roadblocks that are in the way. Please join me.

We can do it!

Suzie’s challenge today:

Day #11 of Living a Life of Thank You

This week we’ll step into a couple of fun challenges.

On Wednesday we’ll have a 24-hour no-complaint challenge, complete with fun pictures. On Thursday, we’ll share pictures and stories of what it means to live selfless in a selfie world.

  • Today, spend a few moments alone with the Lord.
    • Ask Him to reveal any barriers that might stand in the way of living a life of thank you. Whatever it might be, you are not alone as you take spiritual aim and begin to knock down that barrier.

Read Philippians 4:12-13.
What is one way to tap into your Source?

Comment your response. Let’s make a community with it and work through it together.

My responses:

My roadblocks: Resistance and stubbornness to change.

My one way to tap into my Source: Prayer! There’s no doubt about it!

Your Turn! GO!