Jeremiah 17_8 imageHave you ever ridden a roller-coaster? I have! It’s quite terrifying. Why?

Here’s why? For me: It’s painful on my joints; especially my neck. Also, as the ride climbs up and up, higher and higher, there’s a peak point at which point it has to come down. It’s in the coming down. It seems fun at first. Then, bam, you hit bottom. It may go on for a bit in the bottom.

Metaphor: Hills and valleys. Hills are when we’re high on the Lord and everything is all good with the world. Valleys are when we hit rock bottom and nothing is right with the world, and we’re mad at Yahweh, blaming Him for our circumstances. That’s roller-coaster faith.

Living A Life Of Thank You changes that. Instead of living a roller-coaster faith, you live spiritually thanking Yahweh through it all.

We anchor deep like the tree rooted deep and connected to its source of life. [River of Life].

Here’s something Suzie said:

A good day = God is good and he loves you.
A bad day = God is good and he loves you.

tree storm image

This image is borrowed from George Hodan – image linked to him.

From Suzie:

Jesus is reaching for you with the same loving instruction: Dig deeper into your faith, for it will hold you fast. Fix your heart on what is true over temporary. Come closer to me. I’m reaching for you. Feel those hands of yours reaching for him. Yes, that’s faith! Listen to those words coming from your mouth that say, “It’s hard, but I am not alone.” That’s courage! Seek him before anything else. That’s building your house on the Rock. Feel that inner peace that cannot be touched by your outward circumstances. It cannot be robbed. It cannot be taken from you.

We must weather the storms. For, it’s while in the storm we’re working through tough stuff. After the storm, with Yahweh as our anchor, we’ll still be standing firm. Trust Him!

I like this of what Suzie said:

There’s a Savior who loves you. He’s with you, even if you don’t feel it in the moment. Turn toward him. Soak in his presence today, and tomorrow, and the day after that. Invite him in to the bad days, and he promises to walk through them with you.

There will always be up days and down days. With Christ all things are possible. We don’t have to live the yo-yo roller-coaster lifestyle of faith. Trusting Him through the storms we’ll give us peace of mind and a secure heart.

From Suzie:

Day #11 of 21 Days to Living a Life of Thank You

All week long we are looking at barriers that keep us from a life of gratitude. Tomorrow we have a special challenge and I can’t wait. I’ll share instructions tomorrow. I hope you’ll come back!

  • Read Jeremiah 17:8. Draw a tree in your journal or the margin of your Bible next to that verse. Put your name next to that tree. Draw the source of your strength.

[Note: Suzie is having a drawing for a giveaway of her book that this study is loosely based on; over on her blog today. I have a digital copy already. If you want a hard copy with her autograph, follow her instructions to participate.]

My response: I’ll generate a drawing for Jer 17:8. I’ll share it on social media later. I challenge you all the same.