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The no whining poster borrowed from Benjamin Gray here:

We’re going to join Suzie for the next 24 hours for a no complaints challenge.

Throughout scripture, Yahweh continued to tell the people to stop complaining, grumbling and generally whining about things in their lives.

Today’s scripture explains it great. Yeshua [Jesus in English] said, all the complaining prevents you from going to Yahweh. Bickering, complaining, whining, grumbling, all put up roadblocks to Yahweh.

Let’s change the conversation.

As Suzie says: “Let’s break down the barrier of complaining so that we can greater live a life of thank you.”

You can go directly to Suzie’s blog or to this blog. It’s up to you. My challenge to you is to keep track of your conversations. Throughout the 24 hrs, come back here and comment your experience.

From Suzie:

Living a Life of Thank You Day #12

Join in the challenge. Don’t give up if you slip up.

Me: I’m right in here with all of you. My husband has mentioned to me before that he thinks I complain a lot. Let’s see how this goes. Join me, please.